A world on a wall

Waves break on a tropical island, a painting by Norval Watson
South Pacific, 2017
Norval Watson’s quest is to paint remarkable pictures that invite further investigation.
“The pictures become windows into a parallel universe, every one unique, a world on a wall”, the artist said recently.
With ever new opportunities for artists to share their work, Norval is excited about the ongoing value of art in the world of today.
“Having worked for many years in the surfing, entertainment, and construction industries, I am gratified that today I am able to make art my primary focus.”
Norval Watson has been painting and drawing all his life, and has been exhibiting since the mid-1980s. His work is held in many private collections.

2 thoughts on “A world on a wall”

  1. Hi im a big fan of norval’s art ever since i purhased an aboriginal dream wave print at a gallery in newquay in england. I would love love to own an original norval wave piece. As i surf norvals art gives me inspiration and i spend many hours looking into the picture. I have three young children so my budget is limited but what sort of price could i get a norval original for. Many thanks for your help.

  2. Hi Warren,
    Thank you for your interest in my work, and I am glad you enjoy having that print on your wall. I’d love to see a quick phone pic of that!
    I would enjoy doing a UK theme as I lived in England for 12 months in 1964.. The Beatles, the Stones, the Who, and cold water beaches! For further details, please check your email…

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