“Mesmerized”, oil on canvas, 91 x 152 cm, 2015.

Cyclists pause to watch a big emerald-green wave barrelling down the sandbank at The Pass, Byron Bay. In the distance, Wollumbin, aka Mount Warning, stands sentinel over the volcanic peaks and ranges of the Tweed Caldera as the sun slowly dips toward the horizon at the close of the day.
A powerful East Coast Low sits just offshore, generating strong winds that whip up the waves and form a groundswell headed for the beaches and reefs of Queensland and New South Wales.
The wave shown in this painting is riffled and distorted by ridges and steps that are created as the powerful swells move out of the deep water off Cape Byron onto the shallow sandbanks of Byron Bay itself.
Original painting created between 2010 and 2015 by Norval Watson in Byron Bay. I started this painting in 2010, revisited it several times, and finally completed it in March 2015.

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Dimensions 5 x 152 x 91 cm



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