DIY modular synth

DIY MIDI synth
Caution: may destroy amp, speakers and more!

I built this DIY modular synth about twelve months ago.
Two Doepfer DIY-synth kits and a Synthrotek DS-M drum/noise module are included. The modules are housed in a 40-year old alu camera case with removable hinged lid. It has a 240V power supply (top right) and room for a few more modules when I feel like more soldering 😉 Continue reading DIY modular synth


Previously, on “How I Broke My Neck”:
“It was a huge relief when the helicopter touched down in Brisbane. A team of medicos ran out with a trolley. As they wheeled me through the big glass doors I sucked some more oxygen through the mask and thought, maybe, I’m going to be OK…”

It was now five hours after I broke my neck in a slow, awkward, unspectacular fall off my bike in the forest near Byron Bay. Continue reading Emergency

The making of “Unwell”

Norval Watson, Cafe Oska, 2005.
Norval Watson, before the accident, Cafe Oska, 2005.

“Unwell” – my 2009 album

After my spinal injury and subsequent hospitalisation in September 2006, a lot of people suggested that I write a book about my experiences, or perhaps undertake some public speaking engagements.
It may surprise those people to discover that what I actually decided, was to create an album of music based on my experiences. Continue reading The making of “Unwell”