The Twins

This diptych was originally intended to be two separate works, but it suddenly struck me last night like a diamond between the eyes: The Twins! They have to be together forever!

These panels were inspired by a sketch I did on the Staten Island ferry, while visiting New York in 1988. I nearly got collared by a member of New York’s finest for firing up a smoke on the ferry.

“The Twins”, diptych, two acrylic on linen panels, each 48 x 36″, 2017.

Black and White, and Blue All Over

A random inkblot, a little stick figure, a scrubby tree, and a flash of blue and pink.
“Black and white, and blue all over”, Indian Ink and watercolour on paper, 1993

“For some reason, I had an open bottle of Indian Ink sitting on a piece of paper beside the bed, and for some reason, it got spilt…
For some reason, I grabbed a handy tool, and scratched a little man and a tree into the pattern made by the spilt ink.
For some reason, I kept it by the bed for at least 12 months, and then (finally) for some reason, I made at least 20 larger paintings based on that original inky accident. This image is that accident.”
“Black and white, and blue all over”, ink and watercolour on paper, size A4, 1993.