The Twins

This diptych was originally intended to be two separate works, but it suddenly struck me last night like a diamond between the eyes: The Twins! They have to be together forever!

These panels were inspired by a sketch I did on the Staten Island ferry, while visiting New York in 1988. I nearly got collared by a member of New York’s finest for firing up a smoke on the ferry.

“The Twins”, diptych, two acrylic on linen panels, each 48 x 36″, 2017.

Holiday viewing (3 fave art vids)

Marc Quinn, still from "Life Support"
Marc Quinn, still from “Life Support”

“Life Support” featuring Marc Quinn, directed by Gerald Fox, cameo by Daniel Craig
Life Support

“The Radiant Child” featuring Jean-Michel Basquiat, directed by Tamra Davis
The Radiant Chil

A short film about Richard Prince at his compound in upstate New York.
Richard Prince on ViceTV


Previously, on “How I Broke My Neck”:
“It was a huge relief when the helicopter touched down in Brisbane. A team of medicos ran out with a trolley. As they wheeled me through the big glass doors I sucked some more oxygen through the mask and thought, maybe, I’m going to be OK…”

It was now five hours after I broke my neck in a slow, awkward, unspectacular fall off my bike in the forest near Byron Bay. Continue reading Emergency