The Twins

This diptych was originally intended to be two separate works, but it suddenly struck me last night like a diamond between the eyes: The Twins! They have to be together forever!

These panels were inspired by a sketch I did on the Staten Island ferry, while visiting New York in 1988. I nearly got collared by a member of New York’s finest for firing up a smoke on the ferry.

“The Twins”, diptych, two acrylic on linen panels, each 48 x 36″, 2017.


Way back in 1990, I was exploring a random, almost automatic process of drawing, pioneered by the legendary media personality Mr. Squiggle.
One of the works I produced at this time was a mixed-media picture on paper, “Menagerie”, which has been hanging in my bedroom for more years than I care to remember.

Recently I revisited this theme, and the result can be seen here.

“Feral”, 36 x 48″, acrylic on linen, 2017.

Australia’s native wildlife populations have been devastated by the introduction of cats, dogs, rabbits, cane toads, European wasps, Indian Mynahs, Asian geckoes, and the general encroachment of civilization on once pristine wilderness areas.
Research goes on to discover ways to protect our native species, but it is a race against time.

Imagine an Australia where the koala has become extinct in the wild. It is a terrifying prospect. Nothing less than a quantum shift in the way we view the environment in which we live is needed to ensure the survival of those species that we have not already destroyed.

I Just Don’t Know…

“I Just Don’t Know What to Do with Myself” is a song written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David. The version I grew up with was sung by Dusty Springfield, but a later generation is probably more familiar with the version by the White Stripes.

I listened to my great friend Camila singing this song everyday for about a year. When she posted a captivating, slightly mysterious selfie on social media, an idea was hatched in my creative soul…

The process of coming up with an image like this is largely subconscious and automatic on my part, but after the fact I often recognize sub-text, meanings between the marks and lines.
Everybody relates to a work of art in their own way, and this experience can result from all that has gone before in their lives, even from the womb. Yes, researchers have discovered that babies react to music that they heard through the veil of amniotic fluid, even before they were born.

So, your mileage may vary, but for me this picture is about location, dislocation, migration, and a certain feeling of statelessness.

“I Just Don’t Know (what to do with myself)”, 48 x 36″, acrylic on poly/cotton*, 2017.

*Wright and Co. Ultra Smooth Pro Series 12 oz poly/cotton, gallery quality, the superior choice for a painting in this style.

First for 2017: a seascape inspired by the South Pacific

Waves break on a tropical island, a seascape painting by Norval Watson
“South Pacific”, 2017
Waves break down a coral reef, somewhere in the South Pacific. This 2017 painting of the surf is inspired by a pastel sketch I did while visiting the southern coast of Savaii, Samoa.
There is only a small sliver of sand to be seen.
This little painting is already with a collector, but I hope to tackle this subject again, perhaps on a larger scale.

Whale Beach

A painting of Whale Beach
“Whale Beach”, acrylic on wood panel, 61 x 86 cm, 2016. This painting is for sale, see below for price and payment details.

Whale Beach has never been an easy place to go for a surf.
First of all, you have to do actually get there, and if the traffic on Barrenjoey Road doesn’t kill you, then out-of-control sports cars and motorbikes on the Bilgola Bends most certainly will.

Then there are the locals: Continue reading Whale Beach

The Corner of the Sea

A painting of the Californian coast
“The Corner of the Sea”, acrylic on canvas, 20″ x 20″, 2016

A nice little story about another happy customer…

A few months ago on LinkedIn, I stumbled upon the page of someone who had bought one of my paintings at an exhibition on the Gold Coast in the late ’90s. For the sake of customer confidentiality Continue reading The Corner of the Sea

Mount Byron mural

Mount <a style= Byron mural, 1997″ width=”296″ height=”300″ class=”size-medium wp-image-552″ /> Mount Byron mural, 1997

Murals… I’ve done a few…
Sadly, most of them are no more. Most paintings can be taken off the wall and moved around, put in storage, sold, loaned out, but murals can only be painted over. Continue reading Mount Byron mural