First for 2017: a seascape inspired by the South Pacific

Waves break on a tropical island, a seascape painting by Norval Watson
“South Pacific”, 2017
Waves break down a coral reef, somewhere in the South Pacific. This 2017 painting of the surf is inspired by a pastel sketch I did while visiting the southern coast of Savaii, Samoa.
There is only a small sliver of sand to be seen.
This little painting is already with a collector, but I hope to tackle this subject again, perhaps on a larger scale.

Whale Beach

A painting of Whale Beach
“Whale Beach”, acrylic on wood panel, 61 x 86 cm, 2016. This painting is for sale, see below for price and payment details.

Whale Beach has never been an easy place to go for a surf.
First of all, you have to do actually get there, and if the traffic on Barrenjoey Road doesn’t kill you, then out-of-control sports cars and motorbikes on the Bilgola Bends most certainly will.

Then there are the locals: Continue reading Whale Beach

The Corner of the Sea

A painting of the Californian coast
“The Corner of the Sea”, acrylic on canvas, 20″ x 20″, 2016

A nice little story about another happy customer…

A few months ago on LinkedIn, I stumbled upon the page of someone who had bought one of my paintings at an exhibition on the Gold Coast in the late ’90s. For the sake of customer confidentiality Continue reading The Corner of the Sea

Seagulls, Currumbin

Seagulls, Currumbin, by Norval Watson
“Seagulls, Currumbin”, oil on canvas, 61 x 75 cm, year 2000

“Seagulls, Currumbin”, oil on canvas, 61 x 75 cm, year 2000

Mankind has not trodden lightly on the Gold Coast, but peaceful moments are still there to be found… Burleigh headland, Surfers Paradise high-rises, Elephant Rock, Currumbin sandbars, the old dredge, and of course, the seagulls… maybe not so peaceful, after all…