Way back in 1990, I was exploring a random, almost automatic process of drawing, pioneered by the legendary media personality Mr. Squiggle.
One of the works I produced at this time was a mixed-media picture on paper, “Menagerie”, which has been hanging in my bedroom for more years than I care to remember.

Recently I revisited this theme, and the result can be seen here.

“Feral”, 36 x 48″, acrylic on linen, 2017.

Australia’s native wildlife populations have been devastated by the introduction of cats, dogs, rabbits, cane http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/weight-loss/ toads, European wasps, Indian Mynahs, Asian geckoes, and the general encroachment of civilization on once pristine wilderness areas.
Research goes on to discover ways to protect our native species, but it is a race against time.

Imagine an Australia where the koala has become extinct in the wild. It is a terrifying prospect. Nothing less than a quantum shift in the way we view the environment in which we live is needed to ensure the survival of those species that we have not already destroyed.

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