The Corner of the Sea

A painting of the Californian coast
“The Corner of the Sea”, acrylic on canvas, 20″ x 20″, 2016

A nice little story about another happy customer…

A few months ago on LinkedIn, I stumbled upon the page of someone who had bought one of my paintings at an exhibition on the Gold Coast in the late ’90s. For the sake of customer confidentiality let’s call that person “T.”

The painting T. bought so many years ago was a view of Greenmount Point, Coolangatta (pictured, right).

A view of Greenmount Point, Queensland
“Greenmount”, oil on board, 1999.

I made contact with T. to say hello, expressing the hope that the Greenmount painting was still appreciated, and wondered if T. might possibly consider adding another painting to the collection.

We identified a suitable size, and a couple of possible themes, and I told T. to leave it with me for a few months.

To cut a longish story short, just yesterday T.’s new painting was delivered to him in California. This painting (top) titled “The Corner of the Sea”, is an imaginary view of coastline typical of that around Ventura, where T. has been working at a very high level with Patagonia HQ for many years. (If you put the title “The Corner of the Sea” into an English-Spanish translator, you’ll know exactly where we are.)

T. is very happy with the new picture, and has promised me that it will hang in the best spot in his new home in San Francisco, where he is moving to take up a position as VP with a major world brand. T. is hoping to inject a bit of the famous Patagonia DNA into the innovation, research and development sectors of his new employer. I wish T. the best in his new job, and hope that my art continues to provide enjoyment and satisfaction in the new home in SF.

And just as a teaser, who can spot the similarity between the two paintings? 😉

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