Top 10 Books I read in 2016

Self-portrait by Norval Watson
Self-portrait: Bondi, 1990

I like reading, always have done. But after my accident in 2006, I have had great difficulty turning pages, and reading often gave me a very sore neck. So I did not read very much at all. And then – I got a Kindle Paperwhite. Now I can read as often and as much as I like. Thanks, Amazon.

So here we go. Ten cracking reads. Only one novel: the truth is always stranger than fiction?
NB: many of these books were first published before 2016.

1. KLF: Chaos, Magic, and the Band who Burned a Million Pounds, by John Higgs. From JFK to “fake news”, via the Illuminati, it’s all here, couldn’t put this one down!
2. On Writing, by Stephen King. The craft, by the master.
3. Welcome to Paradise, Now Go to Hell, by Chas Smith. All you ever wanted to know about Hawaii’s North Shore.
4. Wild: A Journey from Lost to Found, by Cheryl Strayed. Party girl takes a long, LONG hike.
5. Welcome to Deathrow: the uncensored history of Suge Knight’s Death Row Records, by S. Leigh Savidge. Scary!
6. The Improbability of Love, by Hannah Rothschild. Inside the world of high-end art, and the Ultra High Net Worth.
7. The Song Machine: Inside the Hit Factory, by John Seabrook. So that’s how they do it!
8. Gus and Wallsy’s French Revelation, by Gus and Robert Walls. The dog, the AFL coach, and his missus… in France.
9. Glow: the Autobography of Rick James, by Rick James. Black lives matter.
10. One Way or Another: The Story of a Girl who Loved Rock Stars, by Nikki McWatters. Aussie super groupie spills the beans on the backstage world of Pub Rock, funny as!

And the painting, top left: it’s the first one I could think of that included a few books. I painted that with an ear infection, hence the glum look. And I had been doing the hard yards on building sites for a year or two, hence the muscles.

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