Whale Beach

A painting of Whale Beach
“Whale Beach”, acrylic on wood panel, 61 x 86 cm, 2016. This painting is for sale, see below for price and payment details.

Whale Beach has never been an easy place to go for a surf.
First of all, you have to do actually get there, and if the traffic on Barrenjoey Road doesn’t kill you, then out-of-control sports cars and motorbikes on the Bilgola Bends most certainly will.

Then there are the locals: whether they are three years old, or 103, they have all grown up surfing these waves on a daily basis, and if you get in the way they will tell you exactly where to go. Add to that the fact that at least 10% of the crowd surfing Whale Beach on any given day are either current or former world surfing champions, and you might begin to realise that there could be a problem actually catching any wave, let alone a decent barrel.

I never lived at Whale Beach. I did live at Palm Beach, just to the north, for a few months in the early ‘90s, and also spent a wonderful year or two just to the south at Avalon. But I did manage to catch a wave or two at Whaley, a few right-handers at the south end, and a few wedging left-handers at the north end of the beach, which you can see in this picture I have just completed.

I began work on this painting a couple of years ago, and completed it just this month, December 2016.

The title of this painting is “Whale Beach”. The size is 24” by 34″, which translates in the metric as 61 cm high by 86 cm wide.

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